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About Pre-Owned Auto Sales Inc

Proudly Serving the Community for over 40 Year!

"In 1976, our great nation was celebrating its bicentennial. In the same American spirit, we were opening the doors to a small car lot in Salem, Massachusetts. Over 40 years later, those doors have remained opened, welcoming the public to enjoy a tradition of quality pre-owned vehicles at great prices. Very few dealerships have been in business as long as Pre-Owned Auto Sales. Our unique success stems from our family origins. Founded and run by family, we have always treated our customers as one of our own.

Our Mission:

To offer top quality high-end, foreign & domestic pre-owned vehicles at the best deals, in a fun and relaxed setting.

Compared to the Market? At least 85% of our inventory is priced under market value! We also guarantee that every vehicle on our lot is priced among the lowest and most competitive in the entire Northeast!

How do we accomplish this? It comes down to experience! We’ve developed an extremely sophisticated method of selecting our inventory. Attention to industry trends and market analytics allow us to make more insightful decisions, obtaining vehicles far more efficiently than our competitors. The benefits of our efforts are passed directly to our customers in great deals and savings, without any sacrifice to quality. In fact, it is quality that drives the whole process.

Dependable & Reliable

Our inventory is another place where our expertise really matters. For decades, our specialists have honed their skills, mastering the craft of inventory selection. Sorry lemons - only the very best vehicles make the Pre-Owned Auto Sales cut! Additionally, every vehicle sold at Pre-Owned Auto Sales receives an industry leading, full multi-point inspection (not to mention a professional car detailing). We treat our customers as part of the family and there is nothing more important than safety.

We are NOT the Typical Auto Dealer!

Buying a car is a big deal. This incomparable experience offers a rare and special kind of excitement. Unfortunately, the enjoyment of this big event is so often diminished by high-pressure sales tactics, questionable tricks and gimmicks, unfair pricing, and poor performing vehicles. We aim for complete customer satisfaction by going above and beyond what your average used car dealership offers. Take a peek at how our time-tested expertise equals a win for our customers...

High-Pressure Sales Tactics?

NEVER at Pre-Owned Auto Sales. In our long history, we have never pushed a deal, period. We want you to feel comfortable from the moment you step on the lot. Take your time, check things out, and have fun! Our easy-going professionals want to keep your experience comfortable and special.

Tricks and Gimmicks, Unfair Pricing, Poor Performing Vehicles?

Never at Pre-Owned Auto Sales. Most of our business is from return-customers and word-of-mouth. We are extremely proud of this, and use it as a true measure of our success. And it’s been working since the 70’s! We could never maintain our customer base if we didn’t offer an honest experience and superior vehicles.

Want more proof? Ask around or request references. Our customers love us!